Manzil Downtown Dubai Holds Body Building Contest


Manzil Downtown Dubai is next to the tallest bundling of the World. You can view Burj Khalifa while sitting in the gallery of the Manzil Downtown Dubai. The Manzil Downtown Dubai is the top hotel in the Dubai. The toilet and showers are excellent you can enjoy bathing under the most expensive and beautiful showers of the world.

Checking in at the Manzil Downtown Dubai, an upscale boutique hotel with a contemporary Arabesque design, decorated in a palette of brown, beige and white, facing the fascinating Burj Khalifa in all its glory, it promised to offer engaging services. The service is excellent in the Hotel. The Tourists are happy with the service which they get from the staff of Manzil Downtown Dubai.

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The Hotel is near to the Dubai Shopping mall. The top businessmen live in the hotel they travel to the Dubai Shopping mall in the evening where they can buy the best products of the world. The also shop for the family members. After a long day at the pool, visitors go for dinner at the Boulevard Kitchen, an all-day dining restaurant that serves Levant cuisine and food from across the Middle East.

After the heavy dinner, tourists go for a short walk… As the temperature calmed down a casual stroll at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard felt very delightful and light. Strolling, being quite minutes away from the Dubai Mall. The Manzil Downtown Dubai amazed all the visitors at the night time. The lighting is unique at the terrace of the hotel.

The Hotel authority also arranges the dance parties and different kinds of the show to entertain their visitors. The location is perfect for The Manzil Downtown. The Hotel is a few minutes away from the airport and the hotel is available to pick up the customer from the hotel. The Hotel Power also arranges the dance parties and different kinds of the show to entertain their customers. The also enjoy with the family members

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