Meat inspection at Habitat Hotel


Habitat Hotel and Resort is a 4-star deluxe hotel located in Saudi Arabia. Habitat Hotel is placed near 15-minute drive from the international airport and best hotel for those customers who travels from far and wide to the Saudi Arabia. The friends come from the USA and the UK.

These visitors like to spend their holiday time in the Habitat Hotel. They know the Habitat Hotel is the 4-star hotel and the allied class people stay in the 4 and 5-star hotels. The booking of these hotels is available at the calls and they book the ticket while sitting on the internet. The public is too much happy to stay in this hotel due to facilities which they get from the hotel authority.

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Habitat Hotel has facilities, swimming pool, gym, lounge, bar, laundry services, internet /Wi-Fi facilities in each room and conference halls with relaxing capacity of 150, 180, and 500 respectively. Everyone can use Wifi without any cost. The people who like to do exercise in the gym at daily basis. They can use the gym in the Habitat Hotel.

The Laundry service is free to the tourist and the guest. They get the Hilal meet in the hotel because Saudi Arabia is the Islamic country and all the Muslims follow the Islamic rules and regulations. The non-Muslims who come from the European countries they enjoy the delicious dishes at the Habitat Hotel. These people, have fun during the stay in a hotel.

The hotel is being professionally maintain by a team of well-season staff. Who earned their expertise in all areas of guest service. They know how to make happy with their customer they management department work for the customer. They work on the demand of their customers. That’s why every Customer who comes to Jeddah he likes to stay at the Habitat Motel. These people, have joy during the stay in a hotel.

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