Politicians private party at Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai

Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai is in the heart of Dubai. Situated at the main point of the Dubai, where everyone can reach without facing any problem. Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai is only Ten minutes away from an airport.

That’s why the people who travel from the UK and The USA and from other Gulf Countries. They can reach in the Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai within ten minutes. They have already booked the room in the hotel on the Call. Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai also provides free Wifi facilities for all the visitors in the hotels.

Watch Video : http://ptvsports3.com/FdJqq

The politicians also arrange private parties in the Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai. They come into the hotel with the model girls where they enjoy the Dance of the beautiful girls. They pay the huge amount in dollars to these model girls. These girls get happy after getting the amount from these politicians. The Asian Politicians also arrange parties in these hotels. They come with their political partners.

They come in the Dubai for the medical treatment. These people announce at the tv they will travel to the Dubai, where they will get the medical treatment from the top Doctors of the world. But they enjoy the parties in the Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai. That’s why the Media keeps an eye on the celebrities they know they have travelled on the tax of the nation. That’s why they ask them when they come back to the countries about their medical treatment.

The Pakistani legislators who caught in many scandals while doing the dance with the girls. They are still involved in the bad actives they know they nation will forget the matter in no time. They will be elected by the nation in the next election on the fake promises. The public in biggest supporter of the legislators who enjoy the parties in the Mövenpick Apartments Bur Dubai.

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