Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry Amazing Shocking Findings


Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry was the top cell phone at that time. Because she belongs to allied class that’s why she kept one of the best cell phones of the world. People like to keep the Blackberry mobile at recent times.

Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry was a top mobile phone. When the mobile market was under the control of blackberry and Nokia. They were the major 2 mobile companies and they were the market leader in cell phone industry. Then after the introduction of the Samsung and the iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia lost their position in the market. Now they are bottom-ranked companies they lost their position because they don’t innovate themselves.

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The Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry phone was very expensive mobile. She likes to stick with the mobile every time because she likes to keep the mobile in her pocket. She was travelling from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and she lost her life. The Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry was still on after the death of Benazir. Famous anchor Shahid Masood received the call from Benazir Bhutto BlackBerry. He was shocked to receive this call.

He thought Benazir is still alive when he pick the call at the other the caller wasn’t Benazir Bhutto. And Benazir passed most of her life in the UK that’s why she booked an insurance policy in the UK. And Bilawal the Son of Benazir received the amount from UK insurance company. She was a good lady she wants to do something for the Pakistan after a long tour of the UK. But she lost the life in an Attack.

Now Asif Ali Zardari holds the position of her wife. He is a top business personality in the country and he spends most of the time in Dubai and London Hotels. And he gets the medical treatment from the top hotels of the country. And he is getting medical treatment from the top doctors of the world.

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