Zardari And Ayyan Ali Scandal in Atlantis The Palm


Atlantis The Palm one of the finest hotel in Dubai. Where all the public wants to get the book. The tourist who come to Dubai for Business meeting or for tourism. They like to stay at the Atlantis The Palm.
The families who come to enjoy the vacations. The Atlantis The Palm also have a stay at the Atlantis The Palm. They have a full air-conditions involvement they Hotel authority is very good. They provide all the facilities to the people who visit there. Zardari is the former president of Pakistan, he passed half and a year in the Dubai. He travelled from the Pakistan for the Medical treatment. But the reason behind was the controversial statement against the Pakistan army.

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The statement was the main reason for Zardari migration from Pakistan. He lives a luxurious life in the Dubai hotels and he spends time with the supermodels of the Dubai. He also travelled to the UK for medical treatment. Where he met with Altaf Hussain the founder of MQM. London hospitals are one of the best hospitals in the world. They provide best facilities to their patients. That’s why they people from gulf countries travels to the London for Medical Treatment.

The Atlantis The Palm is one of the best hotels in the gulf country. The Rich Arab Sheikhs likes to stay at the Atlantis The Palm more the house. Because they feel more comfortable here and they get all the facilities and get the best service. Which they don’t get at the home.

That’s why they Atlantis The Palm authorization is very good to provide all the facilities to the visitors. They know the visitors are their customer and if they will provide better service to these people, then they will travel again to Atlantis The Palm. And they can bring more people with them. That’s why they have good people on their staff.

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