Zardari and Ayyan Ali meeting in Raffles Dubai


Raffles Dubai is the beautiful hotel to visit. The Euprean people who travel to the Dubai they like to spend their time in the Raffles Dubai. Because they provide the best facilities to their public that’s why they pay the fair at the reception. And they get the room keys from the Reception.

The Raffles Dubai provides all the luxuries of the hotel. The businessmen make they chose to stay in the Raffles Dubai. The bundling of Raffles Dubai is beautiful to watch. The shape of bundling is a triangle it shines in the nights. And the security system in the Raffles Dubai is satisfied. That’s why top celebrities like to stay in the Raffles Dubai. Zardari former president of the Pakistan spends some time in this hotel. Where he met with the most beautiful model of Pakistan name Ayyan Ali.

They are very close to each other and Zardari gave millions of dollars to that lady. Because he was a big fan of Ayyan Ali That’s why he provided dollar to that lady. Ayyan Ali has an insurance policy, and he has a medical insurance policy that’s why he is fit and fine. Zardari helps her for the best medical insurance policy of the Country. That’s why he can move freely in the Dubai.

Now Zardari is returning back to the Pakistan, where he will lead the Pakistan people Party. He is the very clever person he knows how to tackle all the problems. The Raffles Dubai authority is very happy with Zardari, they know they pay more the fair and arrange a meeting in the hotels. And the waiter also has a pleasant time pass with Zardari.

Because they get a hundred of Dharam in the tip. Now the worth of Dubai currency goes up day by day. Because they businessmen have shown intrest in increasing the business in Dubai.

Zulfiqar Mirza Allegation on Ayyan Ali and Zardari by umar-akmal

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