Mystery of Real angels Remains unresolved

The Real angels are present in the world and they are here in the world for thousands of years. A human can’t see the real Real angels but some of the person who is close to the God. These people worship the God every day they can, they see these Real angels.

Because they are the best friends of the God. God likes those people who like to help his brother that’s why God gives him the ability to see the Good and bad. And They can see the Real angels who exist in the world. God Created everyone for his worship that’s why it is our duty to pray the Namaz and help that person who cannot do the Job.

Now every business donates some money to welfare trust who are working for this kind of person. They give food and cloth to this person, now all over the world winter season. Everyone feels cold some of the world who can’t buy the Jackets to save them from Cold. The person who pays for this kind of people is Real angels of God.

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Because the Real angels helps the God people. A God loves the person very much That’s why God send the Real angels for the help of people. Some Business who helps the helpless people with Money God gives them success in the Business. They get the most money in the business and they try to help more and more of this kind of person.

Every person who likes to get more profit tries to spread the business in all over the world. That’s why he wants to make branches in the all over the world. Now Pakistan is going to become the business center of the world. The Businessman will open new companies in the Pakistan due economic corridor between Pakistan and China which is under construction.

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