Wife swapping Becomes general practice in Indian navy


Indian navy officers like to sleep with other officers wives. This is a common issue in Indian navy but still the case is under the custody of Supreme court. And Indian navy officers are very tense about the situation.

They are the main pillar of the country. Because in the sea water, they preserve their country. They are under major allegation all the media is covering this news. Because they know the news in not a fake one and based on the reality that’s why the media is also involved in the investigation. Supreme court in not happy with the lawyer’s performance they want to end this case in a hurry.

All the world in laughing on Indian navy because if the army of the country ins involved these type of cheap issues. Then they will not be able to save the country. Now, the offices who are involved in it, they have travelled to the UK And the USA. Because they will stay there for some time. And they will discuss this issue with the expert. They will stay in the hotels because they have lots of money.

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The Indian government is paying the big amount to Indian navy officers. Because they think are serving the nation but they are involve in another issue. They why the government is not happy with the Indian navy officers. They want to see clean from all the allegation. Every country wants a strong army because if the army is corruption free they can serve the nation in the better way.

The Indian navy who are now in the UK and the USA. They are in the expensive hotel they will meet with top lawyers of the world they will tell the about all the situation they will receive some useful information from law expert. Hopefully, when they will travel back to the country they can defend their case without any problem.

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