Supreme Court Orders Investigations in Indian Navy


Supreme Court orders to start an investigation in Indian navy force who are involve in wife swapping case. The Supreme Court said they want a fair investigation on this case because all the public of the country in watching at Supreme Court decision.

Because the world makes the fun of Indian army. A true and die hard lover of an Indian country can’t think to do it. They don’t want to see the wife with some other person but they are involved in this case that’s why Supreme Court want the investigation. They make a commission for the investigation. The commission will submit the report in Supreme Court soon.

Indian officers travel on the ship when because they go to other countries for trade. They know how to tackle all the situation sometimes the face difficult during the journey. That’s why the business who do trade across the country they like to keep the expert with them.

They can help them during the journey they fight with sea thieves. Who loot the ship in no time Business personality don’t want to lose their capital. Top business likes to do trade on Aeroplane they send the luggage out of the country on the aeroplane.

But the middle-class business like to do trade on the ships. Because of this less expensive it takes some time but it is economical. That’s why they choose this way of the trading.

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