Golden Falcon Fights, Snake in Sky


Golden Falcon Fights with a toxic Snake in the air. They fought more than 15 minutes and the people of the town were down to watch the fight between a snake and Golden Falcon. They think the snake will win the fight, they kept on a watch for a long time in the air.

The snake was busy, try to bite the Golden Falcon. And the Golden Eagle was trying to save his life from Snake toxin. People were talking to each they never this kind of fight before many of the people were using technology they are busy to make the video of the fight.

Because the media can buy this video in heavy amount. Because most of the people who lives in the cities they never saw this kind of fight before in the life. And some people who like to see these adventures moment they can buy this video in hundred of dollars.

So most of the people make videos of the deadly fight that continued between Golden Eagle and dangerous black snake. At the end, Golden Falcon was the winner of the fight because he is expert in hunting the toxic snakes. That’s why he has an edge on the reptiles so whenever you see a Golden Falcon.

Golden Eagle is the sign of bravery and the Golden Eagle is a National bird of the Pakistan. So Pakistan, Nation is the biggest fan of Golden Falcon. Many people like to Golden Eagle as a pet animal in the house.

Eagle vs Toxic Snake by umar-akmal

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