Golden Eagle Catches Lethal Snake in Air

Golden Eagle Catches toxic snake in the air. Golden Eagle is one of the most dangerous hunters in the world. It can hunt Toxic snake that’s why always snakes are afraid of Golden Eagle. Snakes are also very dangerous reptiles.

If the snake bites to any human or animal it can die within minutes. That’s why everybody doesn’t like to keep the snake as a pet animal. Because if you love your snake you give milk to your snake. But he will bite because biting is a habit of the snake. In the world more than 60000 people every year dies because of snakes a bite. Snake likes to live in the Jungle or in those places where nobody likes to go.

They like to live alone because they are very dangerous animals. Snakes also live in the Sea water because they are the cold blooded animal so they can adjust anywhere with the temperature. The Golden Eagle is an experienced hunter they can to the sea snakes when they are hungry. They go for the hunt mission Even they go in the water of the Sea. And they catch the fishes and snakes from the sea.

And they kill to these Fishes or Snakes with powerful paws. This Golden Eagle has too much strength in their paws. That’s why are too many experiences hunters and they can hunt in the water and at the earth. God created all the animals and human and give power to all body to survive on the earth. That’s why Golden Eagle and other dangerous animals still exist in the world.

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In African jungles, more than thousand races of Snakes is living. They eat Sparrows and their eggs they also eat to rats. Because they don’t like to do hard work for the hunt that’s why they found these poor fellows easily under the control. They are silent kings of the jungles even they can hunt in the night.

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