How relentlessly Indian Army Treats to Kashmiri Women

The Indian Army is the 2nd largest army in the world. But they don’t care about the rights of the Muslims people. They kill Muslims whenever they receive the order from their top command. And Indian army top command receives an order from the Government.

They kill the poor fellows because they know if they will kill they will never ask them why are you killing us. Because we have power and we can miss using the power no one is above us. We have the law in our hands we have the right to injure or kill the people whenever we want.

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United Nation is not working on Kashmir dispute they hand over all the process in the hands of Pakistan and Indian Government. They blame each other if any incident happens in Pakistan or India. They never try to solve the dispute they want their supremacy. Now Pakistan is putting best efforts to solve the Kashmir Issue. But they are unable to make any further step because Modi which is the current prime minister of India is not working on Kashmir issue.

He gave an order to Indian army to kill the poor Muslims who raise the voice for freedom. Now it is very dangerous for both countries if they will not solve the Kashmir issue. Because 3rd world war can start on the issue of Kashmir issue. The Indian Army has strength in Kashmir Because they have more than 7 Lacs Soldiers in Kashmir. But still, they are putting the blame on Pakistan that terrorism from Pakistan is coming after crossing the border.

Indian Army also Said That these people who come from Pakistan are involved in attacks in Kashmir. They blame to Pakistan Army for all the situation in Kashmir. They are stating wrong one day Indian Army will be unsuccessful in Kashmir and poor people will raise the Pakistan flag in Kashmir soon.

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