How Indian bands Treats to Kashmir Women

Kashmir Women are mostly ladies in the world. Because they have ignorance in the eyes of all the world. That’s why nobody is in the favour of Kashmir Issue solution from Europian countries. And the USA is also a best friend of India and he is helping India in all the departments.

Kashmir Women are the best ladies in the world. Because they stand with their husband and the whole family to raise voice against the cruel Indian army. Nawaz Sharif, the current Prime minister of Pakistan is debating with world power on the issue of Kashmir.

But in vain, no one is taking a serious step on the of issue. The poor Kashmir Women are treated very badly every day. Even in the videos you can these Kashmir Women are crying for their right. Many of them lost their son or husband due to the firing of the Indian army.

Every Pakistani is with Kashmiri people they do cry for their brother and sisters in Kashmir. Now many Muslims are going Kashmir to help these poor people. And the Indian army is calling them as a terrorist now the world has to take the stand against the cruel Indian army.

Everyday Kashmiri people hope that they will get freedom from Indian. Because they sleep under the power of Indian army. They don’t have rights to live the free life they see all, the day army in the cities and they pass most of life part fighting against the Indian army.

Indian Army Behavior with Kashmir Women by umar-akmal

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