Women Rights Insurance Gets Viewed in Syria


The women Rights Insurance in Syria is not according to the world standard. These poor fellows get punished by ISIS people every day. Whenever they found a girl they like has a bad treat with the girls.

In the UK and the, USA the government provides Rights Insurance to all ladies who live there. If someone says bad words to the girls then they can slap to the boy and they go to the court. Where law suggests punishing for those boys who have done wrong with the ladies in the town.

In the World, most of the non-profit firms are working for the Rights Insurance of the ladies. They know girls are part of our Community if girls will be not satisfies that our society will face problems. Many powerful ladies who backed by their families become the leader of the country.

Like Hillary Clinton she is strong condition for the new president of the world strongest country the USA. Now she is working to get the place in the hearts of the people. Hopefully she will become the new President of the USA. And that will be Sign for Rights Insurance of the girls.

They feel better that a lady who are leader of world powerfull country. They can meet express their problems freely. And they feel much more secure now.


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