Saudi Prince Receives Investigation Via Leaked Video


Saudi Prince killed some people by firing on the road. A video has been leaked now everyone was surprised to see this, how could Saudi prince kill a man by firing. This is not fair for a person who is the son of a king do a step like this.

He should be punished for killing innocent people on the road. In Islam, Law is equal for everyone. If you kill someone Relative of that person can kill you. Now courts are in an act they give punishment to the people after an investigation. Saudi Government is also shocked if you will give death order to the Saudi prince that everyone will talk against Saudi Govt.

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Now it is very important for Saudi Govt to take this matter seriously. Otherwise, people can go out at roads against them. Saudi Arabia is a country where everyone follows Islamic laws and regulation. Now one dare to kill someone without a reason or for a reason.

They go to court because the court does justice to them. Now Muslims are very tense about the situation. A Saudi Prince, who has full authority to enjoy the life. In the country like Saudi Arabia, where are Muslims are treated equally? But some Saudi prince doesn’t follow the Laws of Government they think they are prince they can cross the limits whenever they want.

But this is totally wrong Rather, you are the son of the King or son of Barber. Islam has equal rules for all the Muslims now that guy will hang in front of people after some time. Because if you will not attempt to do it the people will raise the voice in international court. And that will be not a good sign for Saudi Government. Let’s see what Saudi Govt thinks on this serious matter.

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