Saudi Crown Receives Investigation via Leaked Video


Saudi Crown was involves in a murder case last week. He killed many people openly firing at the roads. At that is not the first time happens a Saudi crown violates rules and regulations. They break the law whenever they want because they have the power of money.

A Pakistani or Asian Muslims can’t survive in Saudi Arabia if have done something little wrong. Because here in Pakistan rules and laws are not according to the Islam. But in Saudi Arabia all the laws based on Islamic method. These laws makes our Dear Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him.

Every Muslim in the world respects our holy prophet that’s why they love to follow the right path. But many Muslims in the world are not following Islam Way. Like Saudi Crowed killed many people on the road on a small issue.

If you are Muslims you have to follow Islamic if someone abuses you then you need to go to court rather than killing that man at the point.
If you will sorry that you are the best person in the world.  Some apologies from you then you need to accept sorry from that person.

But now the Muslims are not united they are not on the right path. They are terrorist not all the Muslims, but some Muslims. They are making fun of Islam, they are not fighting against world Jews, they are killing their own Muslims brother. That’s why we can’t call them Muslims, they are agents are Christians and jews.

Saudia mein qatal krny waly ka sar-qalm by umar-akmal

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