Islamic law Probes best to exterminate crime


Islamic Law is a duty of any Islamic country to implement on these. Most of the Islamic Country still is not implemented on Islamic Laws. They are following Eruption and American Laws they know if they will follow Islamic laws USA will stope the grant.

Most of best Islamic Countries who are Economically strong. People like to visit These countries, like Dubai, Sharjah and UAE they also have their own Rules and regulation. They are not going to Implement of Islamic Law. Because most of the European people travel to UAE and Dubai. And they Do stay here for the business deal and during they stay they met with the girls.

They perform wrong thing And UAE and Dubai Government has allowed them to do these activities. They are not going to stop because they come to the country with business. If the Government will force them to implement on Islamic Law they will transfer their business to other countries.

They will never visit back to Dubai and UAE. Pakistan Is also a friend of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Many people by a terrorist in Pakistan every year. But Now Army Courts are giving Death punishment to All terrorists who is found in terror activities.

Pakistan will also follow Islamic Rule soon because change is going to happen in Pakistan. In soon and this is great news for Pakistan and Pakistan public. And now no one will try to make mistakes by living Pakistan.

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