Zardari Leaked Video In Dubai Hotel

Asif Ali Zardari most corrupt leader In the history of Pakistan. He gave 10 crores to Katrina Kaif for One night stay in Dubai. Zardari travels to Dubai from Pakistan Due to the statement against the Pakistan Army. Now He runs away towards Dubai because he knows if he will return to the Pakistan Nab will ask a question from him.

That’s why he is not coming to Pakistan. No one can imagine Zardari will be president of Pakistan, but he was president of Pakistan for five years most by any Politician leader in Pakistan. Zardari and Nawaz Sharif both are good friends for the last time with army Think to catch Zardari.

Nawaz Sharif said to Zardari to go away from Pakistan. And Travelled to Dubai That was a big setback for the People Party Because of the chairman of People party. And he was running the party after Benazir Bhutto Now Bilawal is establishing himself as the political leader.

He wants to be the next prime minister of Pakistan. It is very early to say Bilawal will be a new Prime minister of Pakistan. He is unfamiliar with the Urdu language he spends most of his lifetime in the UK. That’s why he is failing to speak in Urdu. And zardari is the most hate person.

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