Life Insurance of Palestine has come to end in Palestine

Life Insurance of Palestine has come to end in Gaza small kids are taken by the mother in front of all the people. But no one dares to say something to Israel Soldiers. Because they have guns and they kill the poor people who say something against them.

There is no insurance of poor Palestine they don’t know will they survive or not. Because dangerous Israeli army kills everyday small kids. They don’t want to see more Muslims in Palestine. They want to increase the population of Jews in Palestine. Jews from different parts of the world travel to Palestine and built their house in the Palestine.

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Muslims are migrating from Palestine they are going to different parts of the world. They don’t feel secure in Palestine Because army kills this poor fellow without any reason. When they want they fire them and kids don’t go to school because they have fear. Kids know they will be killed if they found an army on the way. No one can buy the insurance policy in Pakistan.

In the past, travel and tourism were the biggest sources of income for the Gaza City and its surroundings. Since the slaughter of the Israeli army has increased with the Muslim population. Tourists have also ended, reaching in these areas. Particularly personalities who are very much deliberate about life insurance and travel insurance. Most tourists are constantly concerned with medical insurance and travel insurance. However, in rooms like Gaza, they also demand life protection.

IF you are a Jew you can move freely in Palestine. Israel Army will protect you and they will provide you all the security. You will get all the benefits, but if you are a Muslims you will be killed by the Israel army. Now Tourists are not travelling to Palestine for life protection.

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