Israeli soldiers scuffle with medically presented Palestinian Children

Israeli soldiers scuffle with medically presented Palestinian Children who has some issue and he was protesting against Jews. Soldiers were trying to kill her, but villagers came to rescue. And they insured to the Palestine army that boy is medically unfit. He is not leaving that boy at any cost.

Mother and sister came to rescue that boy then at the last he left the boy. And that video came viral on the internet. Most of the Palestine Children’s are medically unfit due to the Israeli army because they kill their family members in front of the kids.

Many Tourists when often travel to Gaza and different parts of Palestine. Now they don’t like to visit Palestine because they feel insecure here. Now they are travelling to Switzerland and the other European country. And they are now not investing money in Palestine.

They like to invest money in eruption world where they get maximum profit. And they like to travel to this country where they spend the holidays. And most Of the rich people left the country and they start living in eruption countries.

Because they know their family is secure here. And they can get benefits They can admit their kids in good schools. Education level will be high and these kids will be the best businessman in the future.

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