The Indian secret agency puts assertion over the Pakistan intelligence ISI.

The Indian secret agency put assertion over the Pakistani Agency ISI. ISI is a best secret agency of the world. And India is afraid of the on Facebook.

Many times Indian put serious allegations over Pakistan. Most of the Indian Indian soldiers are the fan of Bollywood actresses. We saw in many videos they said they want to meet these beautiful celebrities. But they can’t afford to meet these ladies. Because these girls are superstars and they don’t have time meet these poor soldiers.

When they saw a beautiful lady they go out of control and when that girl talks to her. They try to get her mobile number that’s why the Indian army is not able to fight the Pakistan army. Because Pakistan believes if they will scarify their life fighting against the Indians, they will go directly to Heaven.

And the other hand Indian doesn’t want lose life because they don’t trust in God. They trust on the stone Pakistan army have an edge over Indian. In Most of the movies, they try to convince the public, they are very brave they can scarify the life for the nation.

But in reality, They can’t think to fight against the great Pakistan army because we are in the nation. Our Trust is very strong in God and we are doing jihad if we kill the Indian soldiers and this is a big plus point for us.

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