Indian army freshly puts accusation over The Pakistan Intelligence Agency.

India army fresh put allegation over Pakistan. They used a beautiful girl for their mission to know secrets concerning Indian army. This is very shameful being an India and an officer gives all the erudition to a beautiful lady who belongs to ISI.

Indian deputies are a fan of beauty when they see the beautiful girl they present all the information about their secret mission. China also used Indian girls they gave them money and they fall in love of Indian army officers and then received information from them. And they provided this information to the agencies of china. Indians thinks they are very smart they have a beautiful girl they can marry with her. But in the last when the girl takes secrets from them.


Then they realised they did something beyond. Now this officer in under investigation and Government and other Indian agents is asking the question from him why he gave all the secrets to a girl. He found that girl on social media, both were using Facebook. That girl promised him she will travel to Indian they will stay at the hotel.

The officer also offered her some expensive gift but girl offered about some secrets file. An Officer was in love that’s why he could not think that someone is using him. He granted all the secret information to the girl. India is not making fun of himself that he has a surgical strike over Pakistan without any evidence. Coward Indian forces are escaping themselves behind the border. Even they cannot think about to cross the border.

This is the very issue between Pakistan And Indians that are lying, they attempted attack in Pakistan. But how I can be possible by providing any clear testimony to Pakistan. All the world is asking India to provide some information about the surgical strike, but they are unable to provide because they are deceiving.

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