Breaking News Military Establishment 5 days Deadline to Nawaz Sharif Government Claim

Military Substantiation gave a five-day deadline to Nawaz Govt According to Famous journalist Sabir Shakir. He Said Nawaz Sharif have business in India that’s why he is not speaking of India. And India is trying to attack Pakistan.

But Pakistani prime Minster is silent He doesn’t want to say anything. He knows it will make a bad impact on his business. There are many workers in Sharif Sugar mills are belong to India. Nawaz Sharif did not say anything against Kalboshan Yadav Which was caught by Pakistan army In Balochistan.

The army is not happy with the Nawaz Sharif Govt performance they want to Pakistan free from RAW agents. The Military wants strong statement against India from Nawaz Sharif and company. But Nawaz Sharif is fear to deliver that kind of statement because he has a large number of businesses in India.

But India media Is totally against Pakistan They Litigate that India has the surgical strike in Pakistan. They said they have crossed the border and they made the attack against terrorist in Pakistan. But this is against International laws you cross the border with the permission of a country.

Pakistan Military Said India is prevailing on media. They will never be able to cross the border because our army will not allow them to take that step. Our military is best in the world and we are participating more than 50 missions taking place under the UN

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