3 Minster of PPP Azad Kashmir Leave Party, Join PTI

Three ministers of Pakistan People Party and leaves their party and they joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf. They met Imran Khan In Bani Gala And they promised they will part of PTI in future. And they fully put their best stretch to make a PTI best party of the Pakistan.

This is a big setback for PPP who is fighting with the issue. PPP has a bad time due to Zardari because he is not in Pakistan. He talked against Pakistan army that’s why everyone hates Zardari. Raheel Sharif is the big hero of Pakistan And nobody can hear one word against our superhero.

Imran Khan is the best leader of Pakistan And is the who is fighting against Govt for Public rights. He shows his power when he did a grand Jalsa in Raiwand adjacent the house of Nawaz Sharif. No one was expecting such a step from Imran khan.

Imran Body was Considering Imran Khan will not go to Raiwand because he will fail to unite the people. But the workers of PTI said they are with Imran Khan. They came in the large amount and More than one Lac people attended Raiwand Jalsa.
According to the expert that was prominent public power show in the history of Pakistan. The Road was full of the numbers of people now Imran khan is going to Lahore on 30th October that will be a big setback for the government if Imran Khan will close the Islamabad. Because the court is not taking any step versus Nawaz Sharif.

3 Minster of PPP Azad Kashmir Leave Party, Join… by umar-akmal

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