Pakistan workers Problem in Saudi Arabia

It’s time from Pakistan workers who are working in Saudi Arabia to come back in Pakistan. Because they don’t have any hope to get sales from Saudi companies. Saudi Companies are not going to pay to Pakistani workers they are in deep trouble. Most of the Pakistani workers committed suicide due to unfair treatment of Saudi govt.

Pakistan Govt is now called Pakistan workers in Pakistan from Saudi Arabia. Nawaz Sharif and the company are also paying some amount to Saudi workers’ families. Pakistan people travel to Saudi Arabia by taking Loans from banks and relatives. They are poor people they can’t bear all the Appropriate Cost.

That’s why they some Appropriate Cost from cousins and other family members. And most of the people get from banks And they pay interest to the bank every month. The Bank also receives interest on the loan that’s why these poor people travel to Saudi Arabia they think they can get better jobs in Arab countries.

Now families of these people are worried about them. They don’t know will they get their payment from Saudi companies or not. Pakistani can’t get the better job here in Pakistan because salaries are very low you can’t get a good job if you are uneducated.

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