Pakistan workers get Trouble Arab Countries

According to specialists, there is no use to live in Saudi Arabia for Economic purpose. Most of the overseas people are travelling back to their hometown after a problem. Saudi Govt is deporting people from the country they are going to give jobs to their own citizens.

Pakistan people are working in Saudi Arabia they travelled to an Arab country by investing lots of money. Now the Saudi Govt is going to deport them without salary. Many workers are still there in the search of new jobs, but in vain Saudi Govt announced Now overseas people will not get the job.

They are going to prefer own people because prices of oil have gone down day by day. And they are interjecting new taxes over the people.
Economic crises are increasing day after because the oil market is going down with the passage of time. Most Of the countries are not buying oil from Saudi Arabia.

The USA has also purchased oil from Iran and other Arab countries, That’s why the value of oil in the world market is decreasing. Arab countries are lots of financial crises, that’s why they are transferring back the international employees to their countries. It is very difficult for a person who invests 2 or 3 Lacs on visa and passport. And he transfers to back to the country without salary. Most uneducated people travel to Saudi Arabia for Job and they work there in the factories.

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Saudi Currency is also going down because the USA have searched new oil markets. They also have, the bigger storage of oil and in the Future the USA will sell oil to a world market. Because they are putting lots of money on oil refining. Arab Countries have to think about this issue otherwise, the currency will be sold at very low rate.

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