Mahatma Gandhi dancing with girl Pictures

If you appeared to see a picture of legendary Indian Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was dancing with a girl before the independence of India, while Quaid e Azam leader of Pakistan was fighting for the freedom of Pakistan. Indians were very Close to British Government that’s why they got the big part of India.

And many areas where Muslims are in majority British government hand over to Indian govt. Merrily dancing endlessly with a white girl at a gathering while still in his dhoties. And this is very shameful for the Indian nation.

Indians are now saying this picture is fake but this reality. You can search in the google about Indians what the Gandhi is doing with a white girl in private party. Muslims strived hard to get freedom from England. Many Muslims were killed and many of them were wounded during travelling from India to Pakistan. More than one million Muslims were killed by Hindus and Sikhs. When they have come to Pakistan from India.

Now Pakistan is atomic power and thanks to Allah, we are very proud country and one even think about to attack Pakistan. But Gandhi and company were very close to the UK govt. That’s why after 69 years India is still occupying on Kashmir.

They are killing poor Muslims every day, but the UN is not taking action against India. Because they don’t care about the killing of Muslims, they think only Jews and Christians are human. Only They have rights to live the good life.

Mahatma Gandhi dancing with girl Pictures by umar-akmal

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