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India And Pakistan Are nebulous and living together over 1000 years. But India is now making the plan to fight against Pakistan. And he made a drama in the world that he did surgical strikes over Pakistan 2 weeks ago. But India hasn’t proved internationally that he had a surgical strike on Pakistan.

They want to satisfy the public that’s why they make a propaganda against Pakistan they have a surgical strike over Pakistan. But Pakistan Army is most dangerous in the world And India even can’t think about to come in Pakistan. Indian media are showing Stupid news to the people of India They are celebrating a victory like they won the war over Pakistan.

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Raheel Sharif is the most famous person in the history of Pakistan after Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He gives the message to India we are ready for the fight we will give you strong reply. Pakistan army is ready to fight against Coward India. They said in 1965 we will do breakfast in Lahore but the Pakistan army fought against Indians with bravery courage. And they ran away from Pakistan that was a famous victory for Pakistan.

The Japan famous magazine said Pakistan air force is one of the best force in the world. Indias are wrong, they are unable to do surgical attack over Pakistan they are making fun of them.

Pakistan is investing lots of money on defence. That’s why Pakistan army and defence system is getting better and better day by day. PAF takes its pick of the well-made young people in the property. It has now acquired new depths of human experiences and initiative.
Skilful youngs can take Pakistan to pride and now Pakistan air force is going to become best in the world. Pakistani’s are the very proud nation ever guy is ready to scarify life for Pakistan.

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